Abbey of Saint-Maurin – Architectural history

livre Abbaye St Maurin ARCHITECTURE
The Lot et Garonne department is not rich in monastic establishments from the medieval period, either because the conventual buildings have disappeared, as at the Cluniac priory of Moirax, or because they were rebuilt in the classical period, as at Layrac or Sainte-Livrade. This is why we can consider that the abbey of Saint-Maurin is an exception. Although its church has been handed over to the demolition workers, the abbey, which was not suddenly rebuilt, is still essentially present on the whole of its primitive enclosure, in the heart of the village.
The history of its construction and of the men who built it is contained in the remains that can be seen today, but this history is not available to us at first glance and it is the merit of Christian Corvisier’s study to give us the keys to its interpretation. Thanks to a methodical analysis of the building and a comparison with archive documents, he has drawn up a very precise panorama of the stages in the construction of the abbey.

Preface by Stéphane Thouin, chief architect of historic monuments.

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