The World Heritage application

Launched in 2018, the pre-filing for the application of Cluny and the Cluniac sites for Unesco World Heritage status has made it possible to validate the relevance of the approach in 2021. For almost 30 years, the Federation has been weaving a network between the Cluniac sites of Europe in order to establish a shared cultural space, which is entirely representative of the Cluniac spirit. The Cluniac sites have been asked to support this list application, this application by the Cluniac network.
Whether they are candidates or not, this Unesco initiative will enable all the Cluniac sites to share and pool their best practices in promoting their sites. The Cluniac sites will be involved in the promotion and management of the application, will benefit from the media coverage and will be closely associated with the project.
Detailed information on the bid project and the latest news are available on the Federation’s dedicated website: UNESCO application

Saint-Maurin as a candidate

On 25 July 2023, the Mayor proposed to the Municipal Council that the municipality should apply for this recognition by including the Cluniac site of St-Maurin on the list; this proposal was accepted unanimously.
He pointed out that the commune has a number of assets:

  • the remains of the former Abbey, listed as a “historic monument”, which have benefited from remarkable restoration and enhancement since the preliminary study in 2000. More details on the Saint-Maurin Abbey page
  • St-Maurin is also located on the Guyenne Gascogne Cluny Trail between Moissac and Moirax, and a network of paths was completed in 2023 to link the abbey to its former outbuildings, the Chemin de Cluny en Pays de Serres.

Saint-Maurin’s participation in the UNESCO programme is managed by the delegate to the European Federation of Cluniac Sites, with the municipality relying on the association to run events and social activities.

The latest news …

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