Ethnographic Museum

photo musée ethnographique sabotier

The Ethnographic Museum of Saint-Maurin

The museum, created in 1983, is the result of the desire of the inhabitants of the village to talk about their childhood, to bear witness to the life of their parents and grandparents at the end of the 19th century until after the First World War, through objects.

In the cellars of the abbey château and in the tower room, where the objects are presented, there are no reconstructions of such and such a workshop, stable, barn, kitchen or bedroom, but simply “the tool” or “the object” with its history, whether it be agricultural, craft or domestic.

Examples of trades represented:

clog maker, shoemaker, cooper, wheelwright, blacksmith, tile maker, mason, quarryman, carpenter, turner, pit sawyer……

But also the work of the land, from the field to the vegetable garden, from the kitchen to the laundry….

And in a room in the tower, all the memories of family life.

The approach to their history by these villagers was of great interest to ethnographers from the University of Paris 7, who came to do fieldwork for several years, and to researchers from the Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions in Paris, who came to complete their research. This work has been reproduced in the form of photos, films, audio recordings and exhibitions.


Visiting the museum

The museum can be visited by reservation, preferably in groups, contact us!
The price of the visit is 2.50 € per person, free for children under 12 years old.

Come and immerse yourself in the 3D virtual visit of the ethnographic museum of the abbey of Saint-Maurin. An unforgettable experience!

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