Abbey of Saint-Maurin – Legend and processional songs

Livre Que vive la mémoire
In 1097, the abbey of Saint-Maurin in Agenais was consecrated by the bishops of Lectoure and Agen. Today, nine hundred years later remain the imposing ruins of this Benedictine abbey, daughter of Cluny through Moissac, the remains of an extremely active and prosperous monastic life.
But who was Saint Maurin? Why did a community settle in this small valley watered by the Escorneboeuf river? Was it because of the miraculous facts attributed to this 6th century saint martyred in Agen who carried his head to this blessed site? We know Maurin only through his legend related in a manuscript from Moissagais in the 11th century. To complete the testimony of this period of prayers and spirituality, another manuscript of the XIIth century, also coming from Moissac, contains a processional of which some songs are to the glory of Maurin.
To celebrate the ninth centenary, the Association for the Development of the Heritage of the Abbey of Saint-Maurin has decided to bring to the attention of those interested in religious life during the early Middle Ages and in the monumental and historical heritage of this small village in Aquitaine, the passion of Saint Maurin followed by a critical analysis of his legend and a study of the processional songs specific to this abbey, so that the memory lives on…

Introduction by Nicole Remusat Desfontaine, president of the association for the development of the heritage of the abbey of Saint-Maurin

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