Church of Notre Dame de Cambot

Photo église ND de Cambot

The church of Notre Dame de Cambot, in the parish of Tayrac, once belonged to the abbey of Moissac. In 1236 the bishop of Agen gifted Cambot to the abbey of Saint-Maurin.

Like numerous small churches or gleyzottes (in Occitan) of the Pays de Serres, this church is situated on the edge of a limestone plateau. It appears isolated, but in medieval times it occupied a central position, well-suited to the widely-dispersed population of the era. The chapel is, then, visible and audible from all around (the bells punctuated the day) so the Christian faith was never lost to view.

The countryside, the situation, the silence, embody the magic of this peaceful place.

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ND de Cambot church architecture

Dating from the 12th century, Cambot is a typical example of Romanesque architecture in transition. It shows great simplicity and restraint in its beautiful stone construction in limestone from the Pays de Serres. It remains as it was described in the 18th century.

The wall belfry is at the West end of the building. The vaulted choir is endowed with a high apse in the shape of a semi-dome (cul-de-four), separated from the nave by a slightly-damaged triumphal arch. The nave is rectangular, with fine exposed roof timbers.

At the start of the Romanesque period there was very little decoration; this was to avoid any identification with pagan Roman idols. Historiated sculpted capitals arrived later, to teach the Christian story to the faithful. In the chapel at Cambot, the only decorative note is the Romanesque window in the apse, framed by small round columns with sculpted capitals surmounted by a convex archivolt that is bordered by a listel.

This church was formerly consecrated to St Peter (St Pierre).

Plan église ND Cambot

The capitals

A remarkable capital, to the right of the apse window, with curling water leaf edges under the volutes.

Photo chapiteau ND de Cambot

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