Church of Saint Louis de Gandaille

Photo église St Louis de Gandaille

This Romanesque church built of fine stones, laid in regular courses, has been recently restored. Only the nave is original.

In 1243 the abbot of Saint Maurin, Guillaume de Belpech, bought the tithe collection rights.

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The Saint Louis de Gandaille church architecture 

The height of the vaulted semi-dome has been raised; the choir is wider than the nave, due to the thickness of the nave walls.

There are three semi-circular arches, one separating the choir and the other two the side chapels from the nave. These arches rest on pillars square at the cornice; this cornice continues round the entire apse.

The two side chapels were built in 1870 and the sanctuary around 1880. The north chapel is dedicated to Notre Dame, the south chapel to Saint Joseph.
The original buttresses, buried in the masonry, can be seen only in the external corners where the nave and chapels meet.

The gable-shaped wall belfry surmounts the entrance porch to the west.

Plan église St Louis de gandaille

This church was formerly consecrated to Notre Dame.

The parish of Gandaille once fell under the lordship of Combebonnet. The commune was once called Combebonnet, before adopting the name Engayrac in 1868. Today the hamlet of Gandaille forms part of the Dondas commune.

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