Church of Saint Pierre es Liens of Grayssas

Photo de l'église St-Pierre-es-Liens de Grayssas

This church is one of the oldest possessions of the Abbey of Saint-Maurin. Its attachment to the abbey was confirmed in 1281 under the abbatiate of Gausbert Girval by a deed signed with the bishop of Cahors.

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This Romanesque church was built in the 12th century in the commune of Grayssas. Its patron saint is St Peter es-Liens (chains), who is in fact the apostle Peter. The name refers to the angel who freed St Peter from his chains when he was imprisoned on the orders of King Herod Agrippa in the year 44.

The church was erected on the site of a pagan temple and was consecrated by Pope Clement V. (Bertrand de Got, Archbishop of Bordeaux, became pope on 5th June, 1305, and adopted the name Clement V).


The apse has no buttresses, and the whole nave is panelled. The headboards of the triumphal arch have been destroyed. The church also has a triangular wall belfry, characteristic of the region.

In 1848 a chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary was added to the church. There also once existed, according to testimonies, a stone on which Christ’s monogram was carved: XP, the first two letters forming Christ’s name in Greek. Unfortunately, the stone has disappeared.

by | 26 05 2023