Church of Saint Urcisse

Photo de l'église Saint-Urcisse

This church gave its name to the village, which was originally called Saisimentum. It was not until later that the name “Saint Urcisse” was chosen, when the Church built a place of worship here for the faithful – the farmers living scattered on the surrounding hillsides.
Phonetically, it was close to the Latin name and also paid tribute to a 6th century bishop from Cahors.

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It was under the abbatiate of Guillaume de Belpech, around 1255, that the attachment to the abbey of Saint-Maurin was confirmed by the bishop of Agen.

Another saint, Martial, is also linked with this church without apparent reason, though according to the departmental archives, in 1605 there was a side altar in the church dedicated to him.

To the side, the door of the “Cagots*” attests to the presence of victims of segregation. This side door allowed them to enter the church, as they were banned from using the main door.
*The Cagots were originally a Pyrenean people, a caste, treated as lepers. They were the victims of horrendous racial discrimination over a period stretching from the 13th to the 19th century.


The 15th century church has a rectangular nave, not vaulted, and with ornamental windows on only one side. It was modified in the last century. The chevet, adorned with a rosette, ends in a bell-tower with two arcaded bays. Close by stands a lovely monolithic cross.

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