Bi-annual newsletter nr 21 – January 2021 Edition

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A message from the President

Dear members and friends,
The year 2020 has just ended—it was a horrible year, with a catastrophic pandemic, confinements paralysing all activities, and unhappily the deaths of members close to us. Nevertheless, we were able to finalise the course of three new walking routes « Cluniac footpaths in the Pays de Serres », extensions (loops) of the Cluniac footpath of Guyenne-Gascogne in our area. In September, under a hot sun and with many participants, we were able to organise an inaugural walk on the central loop.

The completion of the Charter of Cluniac footpaths continues to be delayed, due to the impossibility of meeting with all concerned parties.

The same constraint has meant postponing the creation of the new association : Cluniac footpaths of the South-West (together with local authorities and other associations).

We were able, happily, to offer two concerts in the abbey gardens last summer ; they were appreciated and successful.

Planned projects:

First, a reminder of three projects we had to postpone in 2020 :
1. Spring/summer, the organisation of one or two big walks, in both Guyenne-Gascogne and Quercy.
2. An educational and entertaining historical trail competition around our abbey.
3. To stimulate in youngsters an interest in our historical heritage, an educational treasure trail (Jeu de piste) has been developed. Game sheets will in future be available at the mairie, the post office and the village’s Proxi supermarket.

We shall offer new concerts this summer, to be held either in the abbey gardens or in the parish church. We’ll keep you informed well in advance of these events.

New : Preparation for tourism of the three loops of the Cluniac footpath in the Pays de Serres, specifically waymarking and signage.

Planned tasks and appeal for volunteers:

This spring, we must carry out our annual task of checking and refurbishing the waymarks along the Cluniac footpath of Guyenne-Gascogne, and above all establish the waymarking and signage for the new Cluniac footpath loops in the Pays de Serres.

The same applies to the organisation and supervision of the events described above. These are huge undertakings, and we shall need help to carry them out. Indeed, the committee members are too few to carry out these tasks without help. The appeal has gone out : all volunteers are welcome !

The Federation of European Cluniac Sites (FESC) : latest news:

The FESC Annual General Meeting could not take place, though elections to the management committee were held in the autumn. I had the good fortune to be re-elected.

The application to UNESCO for recognition of Cluniac sites is making progress despite the COVID epidemic. The new committee will be set up as soon as possible

Annual General Meeting:

Our AGM 2020, like that of the FESC, could not be held last year ; we have had to postpone it twice already. We have decided to hold it simultaneously with that for 2021, hopefully in early spring if the health emergency permits. Otherwise we shall have to consider holding these AGMs behind closed doors. We shall let you know the date and other details as soon as possible.

We thank members who have paid their subscriptions for 2020. You can from now pay those for 2021. The amount remains unchanged : 15 € for active members and 30 € for honorary members.

The members of the committee and the management committee join me in wishing you all the best for this new year, and hope that it will be better for everyone than 2020 has been.

The President

Gérard Deflisque

Newsletter Summary:

  1. President’s message…
  2. Summer events
  3. Virtual visit to the museum
  4. Restoration works
  5. Gleyzottes on the footpaths in the Pays de Serres
  6. Cluniac footpaths in the Pays de Serres
  7. Inaugural walk along the central footpath
  8. The abbey becomes a historical monument

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