Bi-annual newsletter nr20 January 2020 Edition

gravure Abbaye de Saint-Maurin Monasticum Gallicanum

A message from the President

Dear members and friends,
The year 2019 was largely given over to the creation of new supplementary footpaths, annexes to the Cluniac footpath of Guyenne-Gascogne. They consist of loops linking local Cluniac sites (once possessions of our abbey of Saint-Maurin) branching off from the main footpath. This huge task of reconnoitring and creating practical routes has been led by our new committee member, Gabriel Goudezeune, ably supported by his wife Martine. You will find details in his article: Cluniac footpaths in the Pays de Serres in this newsletter

Planned projects:

To organise one or two big walks in spring/summer, in Guyenne-Gascogne and in Quercy.

Our first attempt to hold an educational and entertaining historical trail competition was not very successful (thanks to deplorable weather and insufficient publicity). Despite this, we plan to hold the competition anew, during the two days of the Journées du patrimoine (Heritage days) in September, by improving the format.
In addition, to stimulate in youngsters an interest in our historical heritage, we have developed an educational treasure trail (Jeu de piste). The game sheets will be available in the village, at the mairie, the post office and the little Proxi supermarket.

This summer we again offer a programme of concerts, to be held either in the abbey gardens or in the parish church.

Planned tasks and appeal for volunteers:

In the spring, as every year, we must check and refurbish the waymarking along the Cluniac footpath of Guyenne-Gascogne and, above all, create the signs and waymarking for the new loops in the Pays de Serres. These are huge jobs, so we shall need help. We’ll need it equally to organise the events described above. Indeed, the 10 committee members simply cannot manage these tasks alone. The appeal has gone out: all volunteers welcome!

Annual General Meeting:

Our AGM will be held on Thursday 26th March at 8.30pm.

We thank members who have paid their subscriptions by the end of last year. The 2020 subscriptions are now open for payment. The amount remains unchanged: 15 euros for active members and 30 euros for honorary members.

The members of the committee and the management committee join me in wishing you all the best for this new year.

The President

Gérard Deflisque

Newsletter Summary:

  1. President’s message
  2. Summer events
  3. Cluniac news
  4. Feedback from walkers
  5. Restoration work
  6. Cluniac footpaths : new loops
  7. The Maurist abbey

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