Church of Saint Romain

Photo de l'église Saint-Romain

Dedicated to Saint Roman, holy martyr persecuted and killed in Rome in 258, the usual name of this church is Saint Romain.
This church, imposing with its large wall belfry, dates from the beginning of the 16th century.

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The church was remodelled after a fire and the originally triangular belfry became rectangular. Its bell dates from 1846, a gift from Lafontan de Goth.


The interior is panelled and contains a chapel dedicated to Our Lady.

This church has a « portal decorated with sculptures representing monsters, chimera and foliage rather crudely executed », in a clumsy style that nevertheless evokes the early Renaissance. The passage of time has partly effaced the sculptures, which makes reading them difficult.

The portal comprises two pillars decorated with plant designs mingled with figured scenes, characterised by schematic features, stiff forms and a naïve style. Placed between two buttresses, the portal was cut into the south wall of the nave when the church was built. This is evidenced by the basket-handle arch that surmounts the door and which carries a coat of arms now completely eroded.

Inside, there is a fine stone font dating from 1750 and a statue of the Virgin and Child from the 19th century.

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