Cluniac footpaths of the Pays de Serres

Discover the former possessions of the Abbey of Saint-Maurin.

The project

Since 1993 the association Les Amis de l’Abbaye de Saint Maurin (AASM) have been working to develop the village’s historical profile. This led to the creation of a trail linking several notable sites : the Cluniac footpath of Guyenne-Gascogne. Today, this footpath links four major sites : the abbeys of Moissac and Saint-Maurin and the priories of Layrac and Moirax.
Our region is, however, rich in other Cluniac sites. Almost 80 Cluniac dependencies have been identified in the Agenais, 28 of them dependencies of the Saint Maurin abbey. Here we refer above all to possessions of the abbey acquired between the 12th and 14th centuries, generally churches or tithe collections. The material remains of this wealth are today evident in a remarkable heritage of Romanesque churches and chapels, also mills. In creating the Cluniac footpaths of the Pays de Serres, the association AASM hopes that walkers and tourists will discover this heritage through exploring the variants of the main Cluniac footpath of Guyenne Gascogne.
Apart from developing the Cluniac heritage, these footpaths use departmental walking circuits, so that walkers can discover other historical features of the Pays de Serres ; for example, the château of Combebonnet, the church at Engayrac, the mill at Tayrac…

The trails

Initially, our project aims to create two hiking trails:
– the central loop, 40km, Saint-Maurin – Engayrac – Dondas – Tayrac – Saint-Maurin
– the southern loop, 29km, Puymirol – Tayrac – Perville – Grayssas – St Urcisse – Saint-Romain le Noble – Puymirol.

The “Budget participatif citoyen” of Lot et Garonne : vote for project #1003

We are submitting this project for funding from the Lot et Garonne Citizen’s Participatory Budget for 2022. The envisaged funding will allow :
– to mark out the paths and install directional signposts; these markers and signposts will lead walkers from one remarkable site to the next, along the loop
– install panels describing the history and architecture of the heritage in front of each remarkable site
– to display a QR-code on these panels, giving access to a virtual visit of the church, etc., as these heritage buildings are often closed; as an example, we invite you to visit, in a virtual way, the ethnographic museum of Saint-Maurin by clicking on the link.
If you like the Pays de Serres and its heritage, if you like hiking or cycling, this project is for you.

Support the project of the paths of Cluny in the Pays de Serres!

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