Pays de Serres Cluniac Trail
South loop remarkable sites

Discover the remakable sites you’ll come across on the south loop of the Pays de Serres cluniac route. Their history and architecture are described in a detailed post, which will also give you access to a virtual tour of the site.

Chapel of Notre Dame d’Aureillac

This chapel of the village of Saint-Urcisse stands at the crossing of two very busy roads, the Clermontoise, running from the Massif Central to the Garonne valley, and the Ténarèze, coming from the Pyrenees, a cattle road, or « draille ».

Photo Chapelle Notre-Damme d'Aureillac

Church of Notre Dame du Grand Castel

The parish church, Our Lady of Grand Castel (Notre-Dame du Grand Castel), sometimes called Our Lady of the Assumption, was built in 1247 in the parish of Saint Seurin, at the same time as the creation of the bastide of Puymirol.

Photo de Notre-Dame du Grand Castel

Church of Saint Romain

Dedicated to Saint Roman, holy martyr persecuted and killed in Rome in 258, the usual name of this church is Saint Romain.
This church, imposing with its large wall belfry, dates from the beginning of the 16th century.

Photo de l'église Saint-Romain

Church of Saint Urcisse

This church gave its name to the village, which was originally called Saisimentum. It was not until later that the name “Saint Urcisse” was chosen.

Photo de l'église Saint-Urcisse

Church of Sainte Croix

The church of Sainte Croix de Punéjols is located in the village of Saint-Urcisse, not far from the chapel of Notre Dame d'Aureillac.
This chapel, dating from the 11th and 12th centuries, retains two Romanesque features: the north wall and the massive square tower that houses the bells.

Photo Eglise Ste-Croix